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Upcoming Workshop!

Journeying with Spirit Animals and Sound Beings

A 5-Week Experiential Zoom Workshop with

Dawn Baumann Brunke & Cheryl Schirillo


We will offer this workshop again in Fall 2024.

Dates to be determined.

Are you ready to deepen your consciousness, expand your spiritual journey, and have some fun in the process?


Join animal communicator Dawn Baumann Brunke and sound healer Cheryl Schirillo as they guide you through a five-week Zoom workshop to meet Spirit Animals and Sacred Sound Beings for personal guidance, inspiration, healing, and wisdom. 


Each class will feature two journeys into deepened consciousness. Combining guided imagery and sound, Cheryl and Dawn invite you to meet, commune, and journey with a variety of Spirit Animals: from dream-walking with Polar Bear to opening the heart with Hummingbird, from releasing what no longer serves with Snake to shapeshifting with Eagle and co-creating with Whale. 




Dawn will begin each journey with a slide show blending words and imagery to reveal more about each Spirit Animal — including its role as an animal teacher on Earth, helper in dreams, and archetype in mythology. Cheryl will accompany each journey by playing indigenous instruments including Native American Flute, singing bowls, drums, rattles, and fairy chimes to help you open, center, and deepen. 


In addition to two journeys every class, the course also includes group discussion, time for questions and answers, and an extra 15 minutes after class (optional) to discuss your experiences live with fellow classmates. 


Classes will be recorded and available for viewing should you miss a class. 

Excited to join us? Click HERE to sign up!


Want more specifics first? The following topics, animals, and inner journeys will be explored:



Finding Center with Spirit of Bear ~ This first short journey invites us to breathe deep, anchor in our center, and invite Spirit of Bear to share whatever aspect of its many teachings we most need to know. 


Dream-Walking with Polar Bear ~ Our second, longer journey is a dream-walk with Polar Bear. As we deepen and move consciously beside the Great White Bear through the icy clarity of an Arctic dreamscape, we open our awareness to the mystery of exploration.  


Opening the Heart with Hummingbird ~ This week’s short journey opens our hearts to the light-infused presence of joy, courtesy of the brilliance and beauty of Hummingbird Spirit.


Releasing what No Longer Serves with Snake ~ With hearts and minds opened, we take a longer journey with one of the most powerful transformational teachers on the planet: Snake. Sinking into safe, deepened relaxation in our body, we follow Snake’s wise guidance as it helps us to identify and shed what is no longer helpful in our lives.


Getting to Know the Sound Beings ~ Cheryl will introduce you to the Sound Beings who have come forward to work and play with us during these weeks together. You will learn about the medicine each instrument carries. As you feel into where the sounds resonate in your body, you may discover new avenues to healing on your personal journey.


Discovering your Spirit Animal Guides ~ This interconnected, three-fold meditation is one of deepening and discovery. Calling upon animals of the Land, Sky and Sea, we will invite three different Animal Guides to become more present in our waking lives.  

WEEK FOUR         

Invoking Magic with Dragonfly ~ This fun, and perhaps surprising, journey is inspired by the amazing acrobatics of Dragonfly. Immersing ourselves in the beauty of its glimmering flight, we open internal pathways to the possibilities of magic that are available to us in life.


Shapeshifting with Eagle ~ This journey of observation, discovery and healing invokes a shape-shift of consciousness via an invitation to soar with Eagle. From our elevated perspective — and with Eagle’s keen perceptive abilities, we sail over the landscape of inner realms, discerning which areas of our being shine bright, which areas call for help, and which areas desire to be better known. 


Co-Creating with Whale ~ Our final journey is a merging with Whale Spirit, allowing us to travel inter-dimensionally. We will deepen to explore the world’s oceans, the ocean of Self, and the cosmic ocean of light. This meditation journey invites us to lighten and brighten, to express ourselves more easily, joyfully, and creatively, and to shine —within ourselves and with all the world — the brilliance of who we really are. 


Integration Meditation ~ With our last closing meditation, we acknowledge, honor, and give thanks to all the Animal Teachers and Sound Beings who have offered help these past five weeks. This short meditation serves as a summary as well as an energetic way to seal in and hold our experiences. 


If you’d like to join us, click HERE to register and save your space!

Your human guides:

Dawn Baumann Brunke is an author, animal communicator, and dream enthusiast. She has written nine books about connecting with animals, nature, self and spirit, and has also created a Tarot deck. Her books include Animal Voices, The Key to Spirit Animals, Dreaming with Polar Bears, Awakening the Ancient Power of Snake, and her latest, Shadow Animals. Dawn offers animal talks, tarot readings, and individual mentoring. To learn more about her books or classes, please visit:


Cheryl Schirillo is a shamanic sound healer, wild dolphin retreat leader, and Ayurveda Health Counselor. For more than two decades Cheryl has worked in direct partnership with Nature, leading small group healing sessions and teaching Ayurveda. She has studied with Integrative-Medicine Practitioners from Duke University, Buddhist Monks, Native-American Shamans, Pacos from Peru, and Ayurveda Masters. She is also the Founder of the Imagination Installations Project. Cheryl believes it is possible for each of us to play a role in promoting worldwide healing for all beings. To learn more visit her website at:

E-mail me for more info! 

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