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Animal Talks 

Do you need help understanding what your animal friend is feeling, thinking or trying to tell you? Animal talks are an opportunity for you and your animal to connect in deeper, more meaningful ways by sharing dialogue. I serve as translator by tuning in telepathically and expressing your animal’s thoughts and feelings with you. 


You will also be engaged in the process by asking questions and relating directly with your animal friend. My role is to facilitate conversation between the two of you so that more clarity can be brought to your relationship. Every talk is unique.


If you are interested in scheduling a talk, please e-mail me for an appointment. Sessions are $85 for approximately one-hour. I accept payment via PayPal, Venmo, or check. 

Animal Communication Consultations

Interested in honing your skills as a communicator, developing keener sensing skills, and/or conversing with more clarity? I offer one-hour calls designed to troubleshoot problems, answer questions, offer ideas and suggestions based on your individual needs. The price is the same as for an animal talk ~ $85 per session.

Animal Communication Classes

My favorite way of presenting classes is via a 2-day workshop format. This workshop includes many games and experiences designed to jump-start your intuition and help you develop some very practical skills in relating not only to animals, but also with yourself, others and nature, in deeper ways.


I am a big believer in experience and trying on different approaches to find what works best for you. While I will share some personal stories and many suggestions, tips and techniques, most of our time is spent experientially, with YOU learning to connect with a variety of animals, including wild animals and animals in spirit form. We will be doing 3 to 4 exercises each morning and afternoon so that you can begin to create your own toolbox of animal communication skills. You will learn the basics of connecting with animals telepathically, practice listening and conversing at deeper levels, and then play with fine-tuning your abilities. You will work individually, with partners and in group. 


If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please contact me via e-mail. Each workshop is unique and designed to address the needs of the group. My ideal class size is between 10 and 14 humans. I prefer a small group so that everyone gets personal attention and leaves feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to converse with the animal world. 

Tarot Readings

Would you like insight into personal issues or guidance regarding 'what comes next?' in your life? Tarot readings offer us a shift in perspective and, often, a deepened understanding of the energetic forces at play in our lives. 


Readings can be done via phone or Zoom. You will bring your questions (we can usually cover several in an hour) so that the focus is on what you really want to know. Each session draws not only on the cards for inspiration, but also activates your intuition and deep knowledge for answers. 


The cost is $75 for an hour-long session. 

Upcoming Workshop!

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