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ANIMAL VOICES was published in 2002. I wrote it to explore my curiosity about what this thing called "animal communication" was all about.


Could people really talk with animals? If so, what would animals have to tell us--about themselves and their experiences, about their relationship with us, and about our world?


The book contains interviews with two dozen professional animal communicators and over 100 different species of animals.


Also included are my experiences as skeptical journalist, uncertain participant and intrigued voyager.

Originally written for teens as AWAKENING TO ANIMAL VOICES, this book was first published in 2002. In 2009, it was revised as a book for all ages. It was given a new cover, a new design and a new titel: ANIMAL VOICES, ANIMAL GUIDES.  


This book explores a variety of ways in which we can all more deeply attune ourselves: through lessons from animal teachers and experiences with animals to dreams, healing, shapeshifting and, of course, animal communication.


The book is based on the premise that by opening ourselves in relationship with animals, nature and the world at large, we necessarily deepen in relationship to our authentic self and in connection with all beings. 

ANIMAL TEACHINGS was published in 2012. It is my first fully illustrated book, accompanied by wonderful images created by the talented artist Ola Liola.


I wanted to write a book about animal teachings, but not only from the human perspective. I also wanted to include messages from animals directly, about things they would most like humans to know.  As I organized the book, various topics came to mind: communication, intuition, integration, transformation and more. I grouped the animals in terms of these topics, mostly according to their traditional teachings and wisdom.


The result is a unique arrangement of animal teachings that offer both human and animal perspectives. My favorite part of writing this book was listening to the animals and including their messages to share with humans.

SHAPESHIFTING WITH OUR ANIMAL COMPANIONS was published in 2008. It began as my old canine pal Barney engaged me in a series of thought-provoking conversations about his preparations for a 'conscious death.'


Barney also shared many of his perceptions as a teacher of shapeshifting. This led to experiences in merging with different animals, forms of consciousness, and other aspects of self. It also entailed meeting—and eventually integrating—some of the many selves we all participate with (consciously or not), including alternate selves, past and future selves, other-dimensional selves, and more.


While writing my first two books, several animals hinted that humans are reconnecting in greater awareness with the animal kingdom not only to learn from and better appreciate the diversity of sentience in our world, but also—more importantly—to awaken the human species to ourselves. And that is what this book is all about.

DREAMING WITH POLAR BEARS was a long book in the making, not because it was particularly difficult, but because so many of the experiences took time to settle within me. 


The book is based on an ongoing series of lucid dreams experiences I had with polar bears -- both groups of spirit bears and a physical bear who was accomplished in conscious dreaming.


I have long been fascinated with dreams. I think that’s part of the reason why the polar bears engaged me and worked with me to explore many  aspects of lucid dreaming, the dream world and shared dreaming. This book was published in 2014.

THE ANIMAL WISDOM TAROT was published in 2013. It combines my longtime interest in Tarot with animal teachings.


I once again worked with illustrator Ola Liola, which was great fun.


The full color 78-card deck comes with a 96-page book which covers the basics of tarot, including how to read cards with some animal-inspired reading layouts, and a full page description of each card. All neatly packed in a beautiful little box!


In 2020 this deck with reissued with a new name and box cover: SPIRIT ANIMAL TAROT.

Spirit Animal Directory.png

THE KEY TO SPIRIT ANIMALS was written and published in 2016.


It was a personal challenge to write this book in under three months, due to the time-constraints of a UK publisher. Because the book is part of a larger series, I needed to create the text to fit a pre-determined format. I thus learned quite a bit about writing concisely and presenting short chunks of information! 


While I never again want to write a book in under three months, I really enjoyed creating this. I also think it turned out very well as an introduction to connecting more deeply with animals (and ourselves!) through a wide variety of ways. 

This book was re-issued in 2021 with a new cover and titles: THE SPIRIT ANIMAL DIRECTORY. The text and photographs, remain the same as the original. 


AWAKENING THE ANCIENT POWER OF SNAKE took several years to write, and was finally published in 2020.


It was inspired by a 'big dream' in which I  met a huge, archetypal snake. The dream was not only personally transformational but universal in theme and, I believe, very important for all of us as we move -- individually and globally -- through a vast array of personal and evolutionary changes.


As is noted several times in this book, Snake appears in the collective dream when change is most desperately needed.


I learned so very much from Snake while working on this book and was honored to live with two very sweet snakes, Carl and Chloe.

This book covers many aspects of Snake -- from its biology and mythology to the amazing ways it works with us through healing and transformation.


Most of SHADOW ANIMALS was written during the pandemic of 2020 and 2021 -- what a great time to explore our personal and collective Shadow!  


The seed of this book came from my work with Snake, one of the premier shadow animals on the planet. But there are so many other animals we tend to fear: bats, rats, sharks, spider, and more.


All animals can be teachers, and shadow animals -- those we fear or are disgusted by -- can be a particularly strong guide and mentor for those willing to be open and explore. This book was published in Fall of 2022. 

Still Not Sure? 


Okay, here’s my advice...


Skeptical about animal communication yet wonder what animals would tell us if we could connect in this way?  Try Animal Voices to begin.


Want to learn to connect with animals and animal teachers? Animal Voices, Animal Guides is for you. 


Would you like to discover the teaching of particular animals and understand how animals work with us to elevate awareness and consciousness? Then the apt-named Animal Teachings is a good choice! 


Want to dive deep into exploring your relationship with animals, nature, self and spirit? Are you adventurous and interested in exploring shapeshifting, the nature of consciousness, and/or facing shadow material?  Shapeshifting is not a beginner’s book, but it does offer one heck of a wild ride.


Do you love dreams? Are you especially intrigued by lucid dreaming? Are you curious to explore the dream world with a particular animal or group of animals in the spirit of co-evolution? Well then, Dreaming with Polar Bears is an excellent choice. 


Are you a fan of both animal teachings and the Tarot? Then have a look at The Animal Wisdom Tarot. Even if you are not familiar with Tarot, these cards can be used as a oracle deck -- just choose a card and read about that animal’s teaching for you. 

If you want an easy book to read that is attractive to look at and will give you both some creative inspiration and a few personal challenges to consider in your spiritual journey, then The Key to Spirit Animals may offer you some insights!

Do you love snakes? Do you hate them? Either way, Awakening the Ancient Power of Snake offers a wide view of all the things humans both love and hate about snakes. Dive deep in this book to learn all about how Snake inspires both fear and fascination in the human species. 

And lastly, are you ready to confront your Shadow? Shadow Animals offers a gentle introduction to shadow animal guides that can help you to explore the guarded, buried, or forgotten aspects of self. At the same time, this book shares some powerful techniques to dig deep and begin to integrate both personal and collective shadow material. 



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