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From the inside cover...


By opening up to animal wisdom, we can discover who we really are!


Once upon a time, humans shared a deep connection with animals and the natural world. By keen observation, careful listening and an emphasis on being rather than doing, we learned that each animal species had a special teaching, wisdom, or ‘medicine’ to share with us. Now, more than ever, we need to recall earth wisdom. The good news is that animals offer their teachings freely, if only we ask, listen and pay attention.


Animal Teachings is designed to help us deepen in connection not only with animals, but also with ourselves. SIxty animal species --


from Giraffe, Wolf, Elephant and Raven

to Lizard, Manatee, Hippopotamus and Whale


are grouped into twelve categories --


from how to find balance and be a better communicator

to being more intuitive and living a joyous life. 


Through these unique groupings we discover connections between animals that we would not normally associate.


For example, Fox, Swan and Zebra are united through the teaching of Integration. All three species can help us learn to welcome diversity, reconcile opposites and maintain individuality in group situations.


Likewise, Healing unites Dog, Frog and Gorilla, who teach us love and loyalty, gentleness and how to connect with our deeper self.  


There are various ways to use Animal Teachings:


as a dictionary to discover a specific animal teaching,


as a way to explore personal strengths or weaknesses,


or as a book of divination.


Every animal entry explores the presence of that species in the natural world and its traditional teaching (or “medicine”) as it is known through myth and legend or by indigenous peoples.


In addition, each group presents a personalized message for humans today: encouragement, advice, suggestions and guidance in how we may become more conscious and whole -- both within ourselves and in relationship with all living beings upon our planet.  


By opening to animal wisdom, we begin to find ways to reconnect, to deepen, to communicate, to love and to more joyfully participate in the dance of life.


With the help of animals, we begin to remember who we really are.




Sharpens the Senses, Guards the In-Between, Steps Lightly, with Magic



Listens Deeply, Discerns Subtleties, Communicates with Care & Compassion



Playful, Friendly, Curious, Follows the Flow of Fun!



Proud, Protective, Powerful Reclaims Inner Beauty Sees our True Colors



Accepting, Compassionate, Loving, Embraces Self



Senses Deep, Creates Pathways, Offers Well-Rounded Self-Knowledge

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