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Back Cover Blurb...


A look at the mythic, archetypal, and transformational aspects

of Snake 


​• Explores how and why Snake was transformed from esteemed advisor and guardian of ancient wisdom to symbol of deception and evil

• Examines Snake’s healing powers, its role in activating kundalini and awakening higher consciousness, and its connections to dreams, shamanism, alchemy and the Goddess

• Shares transformational stories and practical ways that Snake can help us travel through the imaginal realm, gather treasure from the psyche, and shed outgrown aspects of self

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From the back cover...


Entwined with human consciousness since prehistoric times, Snake has always been associated with transformation—from the shedding of its skin to the rising of kundalini energy. In ancient times, Snake served as protector and advisor to Gods, Goddesses, and royalty. But with the story of Adam and Eve, Snake became the enemy— a tempter and deceiver.  How did this happen and why do humans continue to fear and vilify Snake? Inspired by a vivid dream of an immense snake that lost its tail, animal communicator Dawn Baumann Brunke investigates the interwoven history of Snake and humanity, and explores how we can once again access Snake’s wisdom and harness its powerful ability to heal, transform, and awaken. 

    Uncovering ties between Snake and Goddess, the author demonstrates how both were systematically suppressed millennia ago with the spread of a patriarchal perspective that valued mastery over nature, God over Goddess. Brunke reveals how myths that originally extolled the virtues of Snake and Goddess were refashioned, recreating their images as debased and untrustworthy. She explores why snakes show up in shamanic journeys and transformational dreams, and how their unique presence in our world can serve as catalysts of change, truth-telling, and enlightenment. 


    Examining Snake’s role in awakening human consciousness, Brunke considers the alchemical role of the serpent as well as Snake’s connections to ancient healing, modern medicine, and even the DNA molecule. She shares psycho-activating stories to help trigger transformation and provide graceful movement through the chaos of change. And she offers practical techniques to journey with Snake through inner worlds, to shed confining aspects of self, and to integrate experiences more holistically. 


    Brunke shows how we need to re-embrace the ancient power of Snake to better support our return to a more balanced consciousness—one that reunites nature with spirit, sacred masculine with sacred feminine—as we strive for peaceful global change and personal awakening. 



Bravo for the epic narrative that Dawn Baumann Brunke spins while taking the reader on an evocative and exhilarating journey of mind, body, and soul in search of the ancient tale/tail of Snake medicine.


~ LINDA STAR WOLF, Ph.D., Founder of Venus Rising Association for Transformation,

Author of Shamanic Breathwork.

Brunke shows with elegance and power how Spirit of Snake speaks to human awakening and spiritual evolution. Teacher of healing powers, she is coiled within us, wrapping around our consciousness as the forgotten Goddess of our DNA. Wonderful and unique book!



Author of White Spirit Animals

As a dream analyst, each time I hear a dream with Snake I know it to be a potent vision carrying an important message. This is the book I have long been wishing for -- a single reference for clients to deepen their understanding of the dream experience with Snake. Dawn Brunke's vast research, deep insight, and elegant writing on this subject are breathtaking. Reader beware: If you pick up this book, you may not be able to put it down! I was swept away!


~TAYRIA WARD, Ph.D., Depth Psychologist, Dream Analyst,

and founder of Branding Worlds Mountain Retreat Center. 


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