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Several years ago, there was a great gathering of Polar Bears in a far northern area along the coast of Alaska.  Polar bears are most usually solitary creatures and so this gathering was an unusual occurrence. Wildlife experts weren’t sure why it was happening. The bears hung out for a week or so and then gradually left the area. It was interesting that at this time in the human world there were numerous international meetings going on, many of which had to do with the environment and issues about our global family.

When a good friend, who is the editor of a Native newsletter, asked me to contact the Polar Bears and find out what was happening from their perspective, I agreed. I decided to contact the bears as a group (though, of course, in situations such as these when you are asking questions to learn more, it is polite to simply be open to whoever responds). I first explained who I was and then asked if they cared to share why they had gathered as such. Was this just a fluke? Did it have to do with issues of food (either an abundance in the area or depletion in other areas)? Or, was there a deeper meaning to this situation?  I explain to the bears that my friend wanted to share this information in print with other humans, and that we would really like to understand their message, especially the message beneath the action, if there was one.


There was a moment of silence before the connection came through. It was as if the request were being regarded in a serious manner. Just then, a very deep and precise voice stated, “We are the Contingent of Polar Bears of this part of the Far North.” Although this deep group voice had a somewhat weighty feel to it, quite shortly the seriousness melted into warmth. The group said they were pleased to learn that humans were tuning in and noticing their gathering because, “This is indeed a delegation, a meeting of bears—not exactly in the sense that you think of a meeting of people—but, rather, a gathering of energies.”


The group voice continued, “We will attempt to make this short and to the point, to communicate as clearly as possible in the way that you (humans) might understand. In many ways, we are a mirror of your current gatherings of people/representatives to talk about and ‘brainstorm’ issues regarding the condition of the environment and our current place in the world.  Our meeting is a reflection of this … or perhaps your meeting is a reflection of ours!”


(I laughed with the Polar bears about this. In fact, it never fails to amuse me to be somewhat surprised by the great, good humor so many animals have when communicating with us humans, who so often feel we are the only ones who know how to laugh. It has been my experience that many animals have a wonderful sense of humor and often incorporate that humor into ‘serious’ conversations, perhaps as a way of helping us to open to the deeper meaning of how this old world works. As my dog friend Zak has sometimes mentioned to me, “Never underestimate the power of humor.”)


The bears went on, “We come together to ‘hold’ our connections in a new way, both to recharge our bond with each other, but also with the planet and with the spirit of this particular place.  As you know, there are many places on the earth—your word is ‘vortex’—where energies seem to alight or hold for a time.  This is one such place.  We come here as it is important to us; it is a Power Place for Polar Bears, you might say.  Some humans might explain our great gathering in terms of food or the result of storms, but you need to understand that those are human explanations. If you really care to know our point of view, then you must see with the eyes of a Polar Bear!


“We Polar Bears are responsible for grounding and holding certain energies for the earth.  We are now renewing that connection as a group. Formerly, it was done by a deeper group energy of which we were largely consciously unaware, but now—as the earth shifts through an awakening phase—we too as individuals are awakening more to our conscious holding of this force.  There are many among us who are simply here by instinct or by an inner calling.  Others are more aware of this—more conscious of the role we play.  Just as this is the case with humans, we are awakening and sensing in more conscious ways. 


“Our energies also align with certain star energies, and in this sense we hold a connection from the heavens to the earth. There is more to this than we can go into at this time, but let us just say it ties into the changes the earth is currently involved in and will be more involved in as time passes.  We are not called POLAR bears without a reason, you know!  Our job is to hold at the poles, and this is a very important job, one that has more significance than most humans realize.  When you open to knowledge about the poles, the shifting of the poles, the magnetic resonance at the poles and this connection to stellar energies, then you are touching on our medicine in this regard.


“In summary, our meeting is a good sign. It is a call to consciousness, just as your current meetings on the planet are also a call to greater consciousness.  All are a call to awakening. We will be holding here a short time, reconnecting with one another as individuals, as a group, and with our deeper Polar Bear essence.  We will be reawakening the deeper medicine we Polar Bears hold and carry for the planet; we will be feeling our role in the planet’s course of evolution as well.  


“You will see other animals doing this as time continues.  Watch for changes of animal patterns. This is always a sign that changes are occurring.  The whales are calling in this regards as well. [The bears show me this in reference to whales beaching on coastal areas]. There have already been great gathering of whales and other sea animals in places that humans are not aware of. [Here they show me the whales meeting very deep in the sea; certain groups meeting in special underwater vortex areas, along certain ley lines, etc.]  Of this, we are aware and have heard about in our travels.  Other animals have similar groupings.  


“Many animals are planning, preparing themselves, realigning their interior energies, for changes in the earth.  We do not sense the disasters that are so currently a focus of fear with humans.  Rather, our focus is one of conscious awakening.  We walk hand in hand, paw in paw, with other creatures of the land—and, yes, with you, the human people, as well.  


“We are all pieces of a huge mosaic of planet earth.  As one individual or group of beings opens, another is touched, and then another, and another, and so on, until the pattern becomes a living awareness—an awakening of which we are all part and parcel, One in which we are truly a United Planet of Beings.


“Regard to all those reading this, from the Polar Bears/Bearers of Energy of Point Barrow, Delegates to the United Planet of All Beings, Teachers of Polar Bear Medicine and Wisdom”


~ ~ ~ 

Originally published in Chickaloon News and Timeless Spirit Magazine.

This communication was later cited in Dreaming with Polar Bears.

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