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According to Echo, an Arabian mare, “Humans are beings of love who have forgotten what love is and who they are." In Animal Voices, Dawn Baumann Brunke gives animals like Echo a voice—a direct line of communication to the human mind, reopening the shamanic dialogue with the animal kingdom that our earliest ancestors enjoyed. She shares dozens of revealing human-animal conversations, conducted telepathically by herself and two dozen other professional animal communicators, including Penelope Smith, Dr. Jeri Ryan, Carol Gurney, and Raphaela Pope. These lucid and eloquent communications remind us that when we are open to communication with animals, we are open to deeper layers of ourselves. 


The starring contributors to this book are the animals themselves, everything from cats and dogs to lions and whales, who reveal themselves to be sentient beings with their own thoughts, emotions, and spiritual reasons for being on the planet. A herd of llamas discusses the difference between individuality and group consciousness; dolphins explain multidimensionality; a parrot talks about his past life as a Buddhist monk; and a cat expounds upon the value of the shadow. The story of how Brunke overcame her initial skepticism and learned to hear these voices invites us to reconsider their ideas about the true nature of animal consciousness. 

This is an important and amazing book! With grace and eloquence, Dawn takes the reader on a wondrous journey into the rich potential of the human-animal connection. Packed with profound insights and joyful surprises, Animal Voices is educational, entertaining, and extremely pertinent to the urgent need on our planet for a deeper understanding of all life.


~ STEVE JOHNSON, Flower Essence Therapist, 

Author of The Essence of Healing







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