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Table of Contents

 with Chapter Summaries


INTRODUCTION:  What are Spirit Animals? 

A short introduction to spirit animals and a look at the four main types we’ll be working with: Life Guides; Journeying Companions; Messengers; and Shadow Guides. What's the aim of this book? To meet and work with Animal Spirit guides in more conscious ways.

Below are the chapters with short summaries.  Exercises are denoted with an *asterisk. 


CHAPTER ONE:     The Key to Inner World Exploration   

To begin any successful inner journey, we must let go of outer distractions and expectations. As if entering a dark cave, we leave the known for what is unknown. Later we emerge from the cave and come back to the world to make sense of our experience. How can we travel between worlds and access the wisdom of our deep self with the help of animal guides? Learning to be proficient as both a sensitive explorer and sharp-eyed interpreter is key.  Here are a few ways to begin:

Meditation: One Means to Travel Deep                      

    *    Short guided meditation using breath to deepen and explore inner world


Journaling: A Way to Link Inner & Outer Worlds   

    *    Create a Meditation Journal    


Meeting Your Animal Guide                 

    *     Guided imagery meditation to meet one’s lifelong animal guide

    *    Journaling exercise on the meditation


Meeting Spirit Animals in Your Dreamworld                  

    *     Invoke A Dream Meeting        


CHAPTER TWO:    The Key to Relationship and Communication       

Establishing Relationship with the Natural World  ~ We begin with an introduction to animal messengers, how we might better notice such animals, and how to deepen connection with the natural world so as to be more attentive. 

*    Sitting in Nature Meditation         

*    Sensing from an Animal’s Point of View        

*    Walking Meditation    


Communicating with Animals  ~ What does telepathic communication with animals and nature entail? Here we explore the basics of how it works, how you can begin to remember this Universal Language, and how to tap into communication with all beings. 

*     A Talk with Your Spirit Animal (Meditation)

Building Bridges ~ Practical ways to link inner and outer worlds while engaging a spirit animal’s teaching.

*    Create an Altar 

*    Carry a Totem

*    Use of Symbolic Accessories

*    Painting, Drawing, Singing, Dancing

*    Oracle Cards


Noticing Everything ~ How to become more aware — both in sensing symbolic events in the outer world as well as recognizing messages and clues from the inner world. And, how to link them together! 

*    The Power of Synchronicity 

*    Invoking Animal Guidance

CHAPTER THREE:    The Key to Clear Interpretation              

How to Know if It’s Real ~ What’s projection and what is true? It’s good to be skeptical and empower yourself with proof. Learn to strengthen your intuition and hone your interpretive abilities in order to know what is real. 

    *    Get confirmation on your intuitive feelings


Shadow Animals  ~ How to identify our projections, especially in relation to the animals that we don’t care for (snakes, rats, or what you fear), and how to find the ‘gold’ of such teachings through deeper connection. 

*    Animals I Love to Hate (Journaling)        

*    Active Meditation with a Shadow Animal


Consider Everything ~ This section covers the many different things to consider as we try to make sense of and interpret dreams, messages from meditations, and dreamlike encounters in the outer world. These include: noting our feelings and first impressions; taking inventory of what we already know about the animal; doing further research via Internet, books and videos; playing with patterns and evolution of themes, etc.  

    *    Paying Attention to Color 

    *    Paying Attention to Numbers 

    *    Where is Your Animal & What Is it Doing?

    *    Using Journal Clues to find Themes and Patterns

    *    Noting how animal relationships may evolve in our dreams


Sample Interpretation  ~ A short story of an animal encounter with a sample interpretation, drawing upon many of the points listed above. 


Your Dog is Not My Dog  ~ Each animal species has a variety of teachings. How do I know what Dog is telling me? And, why is your Dog message different than mine? The focus here is on engaging both intuitive dreamer and inner detective to discern deeper meaning and hone in on what is most significant to our personal situation. 

CHAPTER FOUR:    The Key to Spirit Animals & Their Teachings          

Large Mammals 

KEYS: Physical strength, Perseverance, Attuned to Earth's Heartbeat

Bear (Black/Brown) ~ Panda Bear ~ Polar Bear

Bison/Buffalo ~ Camel ~ Cow

Deer ~ Elephant ~ Giraffe ~ Gorilla

Horse ~ Kangaroo ~ Llama ~ Lion

Moose ~ Panther ~ Reindeer/ Caribou

Rhinoceros ~ Tiger ~ Wolf  ~ Zebra


Small Mammals 

KEYS: Attention to Detail, Know How to Be Grounded; Faithful and Discerning    

Bat ~ Beaver ~ Cat

Coyote ~ Dog ~ Fox

Goat ~ Monkey ~ Mouse

Pig ~ Porcupine ~ Prairie Dog

Ram ~ Rabbit ~ Raccoon

Skunk ~ Squirrel ~ Wolverine


Keys: Flight, Larger Perspectives, Higher Knowledge, Connection to Spirit

Blue Jay ~ Chicken ~ Dove ~ Eagle

Flamingo ~ Goose ~ Gull ~ Hawk

Hummingbird ~ Ostrich ~ Owl

Parrot ~ Peacock ~ Pelican ~Penguin

Raven/Crow ~ Robin ~ Stork

Swan ~ Vulture ~ Woodpecker


Insects & Arachnids 

Keys: Progress, Adaptation, Self-Reliance, Community

Ant ~ Bee ~ Beetle ~ Butterfly

Dragonfly ~ Firefly ~Grasshopper ~ Ladybug

Mantis ~ Mosquito ~ Moth

Scorpion ~ Spider


Reptiles & Water Animals    

Keys: Exploration of Deep Emotions, Expression of True Self, Finding Contentment

Alligator (Crocodile, Caiman) ~ Frog/Toad

Crab ~ Dolphin ~ Goldfish/Koi

Hippo ~ Jellyfish ~ Lizard 

Manatee ~ Octopus ~ Otter

Salmon ~ Sea Horse ~ Seal 

Shark ~ Snail ~ Snake ~ Starfish

Land Turtle/Tortoise ~ Sea Turtle ~ Whale

CHAPTER FIVE: The Key to Integration: Working with Your Spirit Animals   

Deepening Relationship ~ Now that you have identified some of your spirit animals and know more about them, how do you work with them in more conscious ways?

    *    Active Journaling (questions & answers) with an Animal        

    *    Shapeshifting: Sharing Consciousness with a Spirit Animal    


Integrating Animal Guidance in Everyday Life ~ A short summary of the various techniques thus explored, with additional tips for more in-depth exploration. 


Sample Story: A Practical Guide ~ A sample story of an animal meeting with specific examples of how to discern the deeper meaning of that animal’s teachings in that particular situation, and how to apply the teaching in practical ways to one’s everyday life. 


The Give & Take of Partnership ~ Ways to better listen, trust and share with one’s animal guides. Also, something to consider: What I can give back to animals in thanks for their help? A short exploration of ways to honor our personal animal teachers as well as the animal world at large. 


Change Yourself, Change the World  ~ Become an ambassador of awareness by sharing your experiences. In doing so, you may inspire others to deepen in connection and appreciation with animals, nature, self and spirit. By changing ourselves, we also change the world. 

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