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There are many ways we can tap into our natural abilities to communicate with animals. No matter which method you choose, however, it all boils down to one thing: relationship. Any form of meaningful communication involves relating to others (as well as ourselves) in an honest and authentic manner. One wonderful benefit to communicating with animals is that it requires us to feel our deeper relationship with all life and share ourselves from that connected state of awareness.


As we open to the energy that flows through all life, we open ourselves to instant relationship. We know that we share a common awareness, for we feel it moving through us, connecting us with every other living being. 


Our ancestors embraced this connection and communicated fluently with the natural world. We also carry this ability within ourselves. Remembering it is simply a matter of shifting perspective, deepening, and tuning our consciousness. 


Different Ways to Sense the World

Llama, dolphin, eagle, cat; human, salmon, whale and rat: underneath our fur or feathers, skin or scales, we are all composed of the same universal essence. Still, obviously, we are different. Among the 1.5 million species on earth, each of us has a unique vibration in form. Our perceptions of the world are unique as well, based on our sensing mechanisms (fingers, whiskers, trunks, antennae) and the ways we use those sensing mechanisms to know the world.


Many animals have completely different sensing mechanisms than we do. Consider the bat’s ability to echolocate; the squid’s undulating propulsion system that powers it through water; the snail’s intimate sensing of the world through the length of its body. Part of the adventure in communicating with other beings is learning how to open our feelings, thoughts and senses in ways that can be mutually understood. 


So, How Does It Work? 

As we relax into a quieter, more tranquil state of being, our logical mind slows down. Our habitual ways of seeing the world shake loose and we become more receptive to perceiving in different ways. As rigid thoughts of how reality “should be” release their hold, we shift to a more intuitive state of being, one that is quite naturally capable of telepathy.


The word telepathy comes from tele, meaning distant or far away, and pathy, meaning feeling or perception. Telepathy is feeling from a distance, or perceiving from far away. It transcends the way we normally understand time and space. With telepathy, we can expand our awareness to connect on inner levels with any other being.  With telepathy, we rediscover our fluency in the universal language.


We can receive telepathic information from animals in many different ways. This may include visual images (pictures or movies within the inner theatre of the mind); inner feelings (an ache in the body that corresponds to an animal’s body, or sensing emotional feelings, such as fear or excitement); inner hearing (what an animal is hearing, or hearing an animal’s thoughts within the mind); or intuitive flashes (a sudden “knowing”). We must then translate these inner impressions in ways that we (and other humans) can understand. 


Many people discover that they have a preference for one mode over another. If you are very visual, you might get a lot of pictures, and you may want to practice sending images in return. If you like to talk and share ideas, you might sense an inner translation of words and sentences that resembles a dialogue. Over time and with practice, you might strengthen all modes and discover that you enjoy communicating in a variety of ways.


The Basics: Four Easy Steps

The basics of communicating with animals are not that different than communicating with people: you share an interesting thought or observation and await a response. This may excite you to share something else and listen eagerly to a reply. And so it goes, back and forth, an exchange of information, ideas, thoughts, laughter, sadness, joy and delight. What could be more natural?



Attuning is about moving deeper in relationship, intimately feeling the bonds connecting you and your animal friend. To begin, get comfortable in a quiet place. Close your eyes, breathe deep and allow the center of your being – your heart, your mind, your soul – to connect with your animal. Feel your animal connecting to you. Sense the flow between the two of you. Don’t force the situation; rather, let it unfold. Your only goal is to quiet yourself and welcome the adventure.



As you sense a deeper connection, address your animal directly, just as you would a good friend. You can use words (I’d like to talk to you) or images (picture yourself conversing) or feelings (feel your desire to communicate). Or, use all three (say it, picture it, sense it). In truth, it doesn’t matter so much what you do or how you do it since this isn’t about doing, but about being. Allow yourself to be in that place that genuinely desires to connect. It may help to first express your feelings – I’m nervous about this, but I’d really like to talk to you. Or, you might ask a question: Is there anything I can do for you? What’s it like to be you (a dog, a cat, a horse)? Do you have a message for me?



Here’s where you let go of everything and open up wide for the answer to come. Let go of all your thoughts about what could happen or might happen. Sshhh … how can you hear when you are listening to doubts or planning what to ask next? Be open, relaxed and receptive. Welcome any and all feelings, sensations, images, words, smells, tastes or combinations thereof. Don’t judge what you get or wonder if it is “right.” It is what it is! Allow the full message to come to you before you send a second message. 



As my wise, old dog Barney used to say, “Good manners never go out of style.” Offer warm feelings and thanks as you end your conversation. By thanking your animal, you acknowledge your appreciation and make first contact something you can build upon. Remember to thank yourself too! Thank your intuition and desire to connect with life in a deeper and more meaningful way. Even if you don’t sense anything, thank your animal and yourself for a very good start. Really mean it, too, because although it may seem that what you are doing is little, what you are being is deep and expansive and very great indeed.


Sharing the Mystery

Every conversation, just like every relationship, is about sharing our own inimitable take on the mystery of life. There is no “one way” for everyone. There is no “right way” either. We each need to find what works for us. 


As you continue to tune into animals, remember that the universal language is one we already know and share with all life. Since it has been awhile that humans have used this language in a conscious way, we are a little out of practice. So be kind to yourself. And celebrate yourself, for in learning how to remember, you are helping the entire world to remember too!

~ ~ ~

This article is mostly excerpted from Animal Voices, Animal Guides.

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