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Traditional: The Fool

Keynote:  Originality ~ Humor ~ Unconventional Wisdom ~ Freedom 

Divine fool and free-spirited trickster, Coyote reminds us that life is a grand adventure. Standing at the cliff’s edge, Coyote nudges us to embrace our deepest curiosity and move beyond ordinary ways of being, even at risk of looking foolish — for something much larger is at stake. Unpredictable, clever, spontaneous and discerning, Coyote dares us to be courageous. By lightening up and laughing at our mistakes, we learn acceptance. By saying Yes! to life, we open to infinite possibilities.


Coyote’s appearance signals enthusiasm, ingenuity, and novel perceptions. Stimulating opportunities are yours as you take a chance on a new job, journey, or relationship. And yet, the Trickster reminds us that not all is as it seems. Zero is empty, as well as round and full — an enigma perfectly expressing Coyote’s teaching that even by doing nothing at all, everything will be done. 


Innovative, fun-loving, humorous and wise, Coyote sees the world as a playground of delight. Advice? Stay sharp, be observant, befriend humor, and don’t forget who you are. Coyote reminds us that life experience offers the best wisdom of all.


Message:  Take a Chance: Trust Yourself.


Traditional: The Moon

Keynote:  Magic, Wonder, Reflection, Insight, Inspiration


Rabbit — skilled shapeshifter, elusive guide to fairy kingdoms, symbol of good luck, fertility, and longevity — leaps between worlds. Popping from the magician’s hat, scampering down the hole to wonderland, resting in the full moon’s luminous glow, Rabbit links us with dreams, lunar mysteries, and the far reaches of our imagination. Clever, quick and agile, Rabbit leads us to hidden knowledge — though following may require a leap of faith.


While this wild card suggests enhanced insights and intuitive illuminations, it can also entail bewilderment. Enchanted by the unfamiliar beauty of secret realms, we may lose ourselves in fascination and wonder. Find your center and stay grounded to avoid confusion and emotional turbulence. Express creative visions and inspired experiences through the arts: dance, write, paint, sing. 


Accomplished guide to shadow worlds, Rabbit helps to identify underlying fears birthed by self-deception. With Rabbit, we gain greater awareness of who we are, and learn to see clearly. Rabbit teaches how to recognize illusion, accept paradox, and embrace the deep, primal powers of our moonlit intuition.


Message:  Be open to mystical marvels, but keep an eye on your path.


Traditional:  Seven of Pentacles   ~   Element: Earth

Theme:  Pause, Contemplation, Reflection, Recognition, Appreciation, Growth.

Alert and aware amidst sun-dappled greenery, Deer invites us to pause, ponder, and look deep within. With keen senses and delicate movements, Deer guides gracefully through day dreams, visions and musings, leading us to inner world treasure.  


Six of Fossils signals a creative crossroads — a moment of potential revelation and possible change of direction. Generous, kind and loving, Deer encourages us to visit our beautiful, bountiful inner landscape, refresh ourselves, and appreciate our creations. But Deer also nudges us — very gently — to evaluate growth, consider new opportunities or alternatives, and assess how best to proceed. 


This card may signal difficulty for those easily frustrated, who just want to ‘be done’ with a project. Breathe deep; you know that haste stifles creative growth. Take your time; learn the value of patience. Be open to inner promptings and guidance. Deer helps us to see clearly what we need to do, without complaint or drama. Celebrate what is good, acknowledge what needs work, and use your talents accordingly. 


Message:  Take time to ponder creative possibilities.


Traditional:  King of Wands   ~   Element: Fire (Guardian) of Fire (Wands)

Quality: Daring, Energizing, Creative, Masterful.


Bold, commanding, Tiger’s intense gaze radiates vitality, confidence and zeal. This is a no-nonsense card, challenging us to wholeheartedly embrace our power and use it wisely. Prowling through mountains, forests, and swamps, Tiger takes charge and heeds his own counsel. Unperturbed and self-possessed, Tiger knows how to manifest as well as inspire and motivate.


Guardians typically represent male authority figures with bold ideas and charismatic yang energy. This signals a uniquely creative individual — sensual, sensitive, and self-assured, but also courageous, assertive, and intrepid. The double fire element suggests the enthusiasm of a natural leader whose presence inspires others to follow an optimal course of action.  


Tiger asks: Do you use power appropriately? Or has self-confidence tipped to arrogance? With a keen ability to strategize, Tiger helps us to focus clearly and assess honestly. Take action; be bold and daring; follow your conviction; and add some style to your swagger. We feel with Tiger, moving sleekly, strongly, regally, sure in our self. 


Message:  See clearly, express truly: Take charge of who you are.

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