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Table of Contents

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INTRODUCTION:  The Door is Wide and Open

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Chapter 1: Once Upon A Time

Did you know that the ability to talk with animals is nothing new? By opening to myths and legends, we revisit an older time when the relationship between humans and animals was much more fluid, when spirits experienced different viewpoints by taking on different shapes, bodies and forms. 


Chapter 2: Becoming Doctor Dolittle          

Although the good Dr. Dolittle is a fictional character, there is a surprising key that is held within his name ~  Do little. It's true: to become an individual who speaks with animals there is little you need do. That is because animal communication is not so much about thinking as it is about sensing, not so much about doing as it is about being. This chapter explores the basics along with some helpful tips from humans, cats, dogs, horses, hamsters, donkeys and wild squirrels.  ~ Read an excerpt! 


Chapter 3: Magical Meetings

This chapter looks at synchronicity and opening to the signs that are all around us, all the time. This chapter explores the power of magical meetings through projects and exercises, ideas and stories from a variety of animals, and invites you to ‘be part of the magic.’





Chapter 4: Power Animals, Spirit Animals—Ambassadors of Awareness

As we connect at deeper levels to animal groups, individual animals, power animals, spirit animals, totem animals, and animal spirits, we deepen our relationship with the animal world and fine-tune our ability to take in different forms of wisdom. Animal contributors include rabbits, a group of animals from the Africa, and a bumblebee.


Chapter 5: Animal Guides and Teachers

How can we know that we have found an animal teacher, or what a specific animal guide wants to teach us? As we open to the teachings of animals on deeper levels, we become detectives, apprentices, students and partners in the journey. This chapter includes advice from animal teachers, insights from Iditarod sled dogs, and conversations with a cow named Christina and a wise little puppy named Riza. 


Chapter 6: Animal Dreams                  

Another powerful way to connect with animals is through our dreams. This chapter includes stories of how deep relationships with animals are often first made through the dream world. We look at how animal guides (as well as departed animals) often use the dream state as a means of communication, and explore different ways to work with our dreams and deepen in appreciation of the wisdom they offer. Also included are examples of dreams that animals dream.  Read some more!





Chapter 7: Animal Healing

This chapter explores the natural reciprocity of healing energy that occurs when two or more beings form a deeply authentic relationship. Stories illustrate how humans help animals heal and how animals help humans heal. We investigate a variety of healing modalities and different ways to access the “healer within” and expand our own healing repertoire. Also included are directions for giving animal massage!


Chapter 8: A Look at Death

Many animals hold a different view of death than humans do. This chapter looks at questions such as: What happens at death? Why is this subject so taboo for many people? What can animals show us about death and lessening our fears around this issue? A cat named Rooskie shares his experiences of the days before and after his transition to the spirit world. Also included are ways to honor, remember and connect with animals who have died or are in the process of dying. As we approach death with less fear and more openness, we are able to become ever more present with those who are transitioning.           


Chapter 9: The Art of Shapeshifting 

In many cultures of many times, humans have embraced the art of shapeshifting – transforming one’s bodily form or consciousness – in order to perceive the world with new eyes, feel the earth in a new and exciting way, and experience life from diverse perspectives. Shapeshifting contributors include a dog, a shark, a lion, some finches and a flying insect.


Chapter 10: Center Being

How can talking with animals, working with animal guides, healing or shapeshifting fit within your life?What is it that calls to you most deeply? This chapter looks at the many ways we can become ambassadors of deeper understanding. In finding and living our passion, we increase our authenticity in the world. In aligning ourselves with our "center being," we tap into the flow of all life and our connection with all beings.


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