My name is Dawn Brunke. I live in Alaska and I’ve written eight books about connecting with animals, nature, self and spirit. I offer animal talks via phone (think of it as a three-way conversation between you, your animal and myself as translator) as well as group workshops about learning how to communicate with animals. I also publish a free newsletter, with short articles about dreams, writing, and deepening our relationship with all beings. For more about me, click my photo. For more about my books and classes, read on!



My books focus on expanding our awareness and connecting with the animal world as well as with ourselves in more meaningful ways.  To read more about the books, including why I wrote them, click HERE or to read about a specific book, click one of the covers below:


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A few of the many articles and columns I’ve written over the years, and a few recent interviews. 



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I'm happy to sign books, and you may order directly from me for autographed copies.  There are also purchasing options for those living in the US, Canada and the UK.



I hope you enjoy my writing and benefit from the many ways our lives ~ and our world ~ are enriched as we open to a deeper, more expansive connection with animals, nature, each other and ourselves!



  ~ Dawn Baumann Brunke   



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